Multicultural & Diversity Websites

Richard Brent

Spring 2016 Term




Name Website Address Content Area Description Critique


International Multicultural

Institute Global



This organization started in 1983, so is one of the first to recognize the need for diversity training and awareness. It is international. This organization has a wide focus that is not limited to education.  It offers a yearly conference and training.  The publications and research studies look interesting. The website is small and limited in scope.





The National Association for Multicultural Education http://www.

National Diversity and multicultural awareness National organization that advocates for social justice via multicultural education and awareness. The website is robust and lively.  It contains numerous interesting pages on various topics like conferences, scholars, and publications.



EdChange Education A team of individuals seeks to improve diversity and multicultural awareness in the teaching profession. Dynamic website.  I particularly like the photos of children that illustrate different races, ethnicities and genders.  It is inspirational to see a small group of people making changes. The website has a robust offering of publications, training opportunities, handouts and projects.




DiversityInc Business The purpose of this site is to show business the advantage of diversity.  It also addresses diversity issues and educates people about how they should teach This is a terrific website.  It has a dynamic “news magazine” appearance.  Many of the articles are interesting and discuss careers, health, and business as it relates to diversity.  Diversity issues are addressed with sensitivity and humor. There are numerous examples of dumb things

white people say to minority co-workers with tips for minorities on how to handle it and tips for white folks on how to keep their feet out of their mouths.




National Education Association Education This is a site devoted to education issues across the United States.  It covers diversity along with other issues. This site is important because it is a major national education site.  It includes many good articles on diversity and education. This is a “must read” site.




Diversity https://www.

Business This job search site services the niche market of diversity hiring. I think this website is important because many companies have requirements nowadays to hire diverse employees.
















Social This site is geared toward children and teens.  Its purpose it to teach them understanding and respect for other people who are minorities, disabled, or LGBT. There are special sections to education against bullying. This site has a laudable mission, which is to teach kids to respect diversity.  Unfortunately, the website looks boring, so is unlikely to appeal to the audience for which it is designed.  It needs more color, more images, and interactive screens.











Education This site lists diversity lesson plans and activities for teachers. This is very useful for teachers, particularly those who teach grammar school.  It is important to start teaching diversity to kids when they are young.




Scholastic http://www.scholastic




Education This site list lesson plans and activities for kids of all ages. This is a very useful site for teachers.  With lessons offered here, all teachers can enhance their lessons by including diversity rich examples and activities.  The site is attractive and well designed.





American Mathematical Science – Diversity http://www.ams.





This is a section of the American Mathematical Science (AMS) site, devoted to increasing diversity in mathematical sciences.  The purpose is to gain more women and minority mathematicians. Since I plan to be a math teacher, I am particularly interested in diversity resources as they pertain to math.  This site gives useful information, but not enough. It should have a larger collection.





Mathforum Art Art



This website lists numerous websites that relate to both math and art.  The art comes from all different cultures, thus incorporating diversity. Art from different cultures as it relates to math is something that I, as a future math teacher, can incorporate into lesson to include diversity.





Edutopia Diversity Education This website lists numerous diversity resources that a teacher can use in the classroom. I like the way this site is organized with the sidebar on the right that enables the use to browse topics.  It is well designed and interesting with good use of images.




Critical Multicultural Pavilion





This website is run by a private individual. There are numerous links to explore.  It also contains a blog. The tone is strident, which is not necessarily bad, but make this site more for adults.  I would not recommend it to schoolchildren.  I like the design. It is dynamic.  A lot of information is packed concisely into the first page.


Teaching Tolerance


Political Social Education


This website is sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The group states that their purpose is to education people on diversity, stop hate, teach tolerance and seek justice. I noticed only one male on the large photo welcoming everyone to this website.  Aside from that, there is a good racial and cultural mix apparent in the first photo.  Under links I noticed, “hate watch,” which monitors the radical political right.  Thus, the organization must be on the opposite end of the spectrum politically.  So it is biased in regard to politics.


Discovery Education



Education Free website for teachers.  This website has many valuable lessons on all subjects, for every grade level. I very much like the way this site has boxes labelled for different grade levels.  Then within the boxes are the subjects.  When clicking on the subjects, useful materials appear.  Simple, well-planned, and very effective delivery is achieved.  This is a valuable website for teachers.






Pen pal site. This site matches kids with pen pals from all over the world.  Students can search for pen pals based on age, language, interests, and countries.  Very cute design.  A penal could definitely enhance multicultural experiences.


The Iris Center


Education After arriving at this webpage, scroll down to the section on diversity. There are 73 items The 73 available items pertaining to diversity are very useful and can be easily incorporated into a teaching plan.  This site, sponsored by Vanderbilt University, covers many other topics in education.  Yet, the section on diversity is very good.





Youth &


Services Education


This website is sponsored by the government Office of Refugee Resettlement.  The purpose is to aid refugees as they resettle in this country. This website is a much-needed resource.  It helps both refugees and organizations that help them by disseminating information.  There is a particular focus on helping refugee children to access education.















This website is a strident voice for feminism and LGBT issues. This website self identifies as a spotlight on feminist and LGBT issues. Yet the very first article I see, on the main page, describes how white teachers bring racism into the schools.  All the topics and articles I see are worthwhile.  Yet I think the website needs a different title to match its wide focus.  The voice is strident and sometimes abrasive, which is not a bad thing.  There are articles critical of Christianity, which some would find offensive.  I would not recommend this site for children.







Inside Higher Ed







This website is devoted to issues in higher education. Although this website is not about diversity only, when one searches on”diversity” many good articles are retrieved. These articles discuss the importance of having a more diverse population working in higher education, particularly the STEM fields.