Radio Reading

Radio Reading is a research-based strategy. The process for Radio Reading is as follows:

  1. Students read the selected material silently for understanding, highlighting text, taking notes, or other organizational techniques.
  2. Students individually write brief summaries of text’s main ideas.
  3. Students read their summaries to their group members and discuss discrepancies in main ideas found, issues involved, vocabulary, etc. Students ask each other questions about each student’s summaries.
  4. Students can revise information on their summaries and then practice reading their information to become more comfortable reading aloud.
  5. Teacher monitors groups’ work & answers questions or provides guiding questions.
  6. A spokesperson from the group is chosen to present findings as through reporting on the radio.

Example Question: Describe the coordinate plane, related parts such as coordinates, points, and axis.  Explain how the coordinate plane and its parts function and interrelate.