Content Area Reading Inventory (CARI)


This activity helps me discover whether or not the textbook was helpful in explaining concepts.

Once I have this information, I can decide what concepts need more instruction and possibly

different methods of instruction.


  1. In chapter 1.1, on what page can you find a definition of coordinates? (Can the student find information?)
  2. What researchers use the Coordinate Plane in physics experiments? (Can the student use the index?)
  3. Where would you find information on Sequences and Series? (Can the student use the table of contents?)
  4. On page 91, illustration 5.6, which value is higher, C or H? (Does the student understand a graph?)
  5. On what page do you find definitions for the vocabularly words point, axis, and plane? (Can the student find the glossary?)
  6. What type of information is in the appendices. Please give three examples. One example must be a formula. (Can the student use the appendices?)