I have four main activities that I enjoy.

1.) I enjoy playing chess.  I won “Best First Board” back in my high school scholastica league.  I don’t have as much time for chess as I would like, but I hope to play in some USCF (United States Chess Federation) tournaments.  Years ago I started a chess website Chess Cottage .

2.) I enjoy video games, board games, youtube videos about video games, youtube in general, movies, books, podcasts, photograpy, etc.  Basically, I enjoy media of all types.  Back when I was a Digital Media major, before I became a Math Education major, I started a website devoted to media.  I’m now redoing this website, but it should be refurbished by the end of the summer.  This website is NerdControl.  It is dedicated to the nerd herd — all those who like media, math, chess, Dungeons & Dragons, and other iconic pass times found in nerd culture.

3.) I like table tennis.  (Please do not call it ping-pong.)  It’s fast!  It’s exercise! It’s exciting, It requires numerous arcane techniques.  I spend a great deal of time reading about wood paddles and types of foam rubbers to install on them.  The equipment looks simple, but different choices give different properties that affect the game.  I play on the University of North Florida Table Tennis Club “A” team.

4.) I like animals.  I have a rescue cat named Moonshadow.  My family has two rescue pomeranians too (Fiona- Fae and Banjo-Jean).  My cat enjoys lounging with me on the couch and watching my computer screen.

fiona1  banjotongue2  Moonshadow3